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Lessthan10pounds haul | #shopping 

It’s my first time to buy from Lessthan10pounds and was tempted because of their bargain price. 

Here what I bought from them. 

Green tartan long sleeve shirt which is ex branded and good quality, bought for £2.99 sold out already otherwise can share link. The boots came from them as well and I bought it for £7.99 here is the link for the Boots

This is so cute and another exbranded and again it’s £2.99 Link here

Omg! This is gorgeous, it’s a fluffy jumper and again it’s exbranded. Also £2.99 as well Link here

This is so nice as well. Another exbranded and also £2.99 sold out already 

This one is just as lovely, ex branded as well and another £2.99 I just love modelling it lol only 1 left at the time of writing this blog but here is the Link

So that’s it, I find them very good quality maybe depends on what your buying but it seems to be a good website. 

Postage is depends on the weight of your purchase. 

I must say, I’m really happy with my purchased. Definitely a bargain 😍😍😍

❤ thanks for reading ❤

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