Being dragged out for a walk #livinglifewild

Not a very wild one this week, but still outdoors.

Normally I am the one persuading the kids they want to go for a walk, but this morning it was all the children’s idea.

I was round my parents with them for breakfast; so mum, dad and I had just finished pigging out on a lovely fry up, and the kids pipe up with “we want to go for a walk”. Now to give you an accurate picture it is minus 5 (degrees C) outside and icy, pretty damn chilly!

Not really wanting to dissuade the children we all wrap up warm and head out. To be fair it’s cool out but lovely and sunny.

The children grabbed their bike and scooter and had a lovely walk along the seafront.

It was a bit muddy and inevitably someone slipped over and got covered in mud…no not either of the children, but poor nana went down:

After checking she wasn’t hurt, we did laugh at her and tease her for the rest of the walk!

Even if staying home in the warm seemed like a good idea at the time, it was nice to get out in the fresh air and jack has nearly mastered riding his bike, those stabilisers will be off soon.

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  1. Sounds like a lovely walk! Poor nana though, glad she was ok!!! Good luck with the bike riding developments too 🙂 Katie xx


    Ps I have noticed my badge isn’t working, I am so sorry about that, I am trying to sort it out but in the meantime you might be best removing it for now so it doesn’t show as a broken link on your site! Sorry again, just teething problems! (You could do a text link to my site instead if you want, thank you so much for taking part!)

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