Our Miss universe top 10 favourites | #65thmissuniverse 

Miss universe is happening in the Philippines and since I was born there, I’m joining the party in talking about miss universe lol 

Filipinos love miss universe and we love supporting our country’s representative. And because I’m already a British citizen and live here in the U.K. that I will automatically support Miss Great Britain as well as Miss Philippines. All the ladies are beautiful and unique on their own way and I must admit, even me I find it difficult to choose my fave. 

Anyway here our top 10 favourites on 65th miss universe 

There is something unique about Maxine, it’s like…she can always surprise you. Her beauty is very filipina, it’s like Maria Clara type as we call. She seems sweet, shy but very beautiful as you get to know her more. It’s like you want to know her more and that’s what I feel everytime I check the miss universe’s page and update. Her beauty is like ” mahinhin ” which translate “ladylike” in English. People bash her ability in expressing herself in English language. But personally, my English is not perfect as well. Even though we speak English in the Philippines, still it’s our second language. I think what matters most is that, as long as we can communicate in English then it should be fine. I know English grammar is very important but we can always learn to improve it. 

I find Miss Britain Jamie naturally beautiful. She is very charming and elegant and classy as mostly English ladies I have met. If only British people would support her to win I’m sure she can. British people is not very keen on beauty contest but they love football. However, I can see Filipinos in the uk already supporting her so thats nice. I wish her all the best. 

Omg! Miss Thailand…there is something about her that can’t take my eyes off. I can see her one of the strongest contender. Her charm is very sexy, alluring but sweet as well. She stand out from the crowd. I think some beauties are like that. The way they carry themselves makes them even more appealing in the eye and that’s how I find Miss Thailand. 

Omg miss Colombia, her beauty is fierce and just attractive. Her fun character is added bonus because it makes her even more appealing. She seems to have a good strong personality as well and some of her photos appeared to be a Jennifer Lopez lookalike. Colombia always sending a confidently beautiful representative. Amy find her beautiful as well and she is one of her fave. 

Miss Malaysia has a beautiful face and look like a doll sometimes. She appeared fun to be with and have a good personality. I must say, her beauty stand out as well from the crowd. She’s got the charm as well. 

Miss Venezuela is beautiful too. I find her captivating and seems perfect in every way. She’s got a very nice sweet angelic face that kinda charming. I think she one of the strong contender as well. 

What I love about Miss U.S.A is the total package. She is already beautiful but she is very articulate as well and seems smart like Pia Wurtzbach. She does speaks so well and can be a good representative. I’m sure if she get chosen for the question and answer, she will be confidently beautiful to answer the question and has the potential to win. She is good with public speaking and that’s an added beauty points for me.

Miss Nicaragua seems to have a beautiful face but I haven’t watch her talk yet so she can be photogenic as well. Her beauty is different she is just naturally gorgeous and very appealing in this picture. 

Miss Australia does look beautiful, young and innocent and has got an angelic face as well. She seems very sweet and has a very interesting personality. I find Australian people naturally beautiful as well. 

So that’s it, what about you? Do you have a favourites? Please do share with us Or if your not keen, maybe you could atleast support your country’s representative 🙂 

❤ Beauty is in the eye of beholder ❤ 

Good luck to all ladies participating the 65th miss universe. Mabuhay! 

Disclaimer: This is a personal opinion or favourites, please don’t feel offended in any way. If you have a fave that your supporting that’s fine but please respect my own opinion. No bashing in this blog post. Thank you! 

There is also a details on each ladies photo on how to vote for them so if you like to support them just vote for them. Thanks! 

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