Valentines/Mother’s Day crafts with the kids #littlemakes

I love doing crafts with the kids, so when J requested we make a card for his “girlfriend” (he’s 5!) I just had to agree!

Pinterest is difficult to find the originals for these ideas, but I have linked where I got them from at the bottom!

First cut out a cardboard heart (I used an old cereal box), you will need this for every one of my designs.

We used very similar techniques for 2 of the cards. One using different shades of red/pink and cotton wool to decorate around the cardboard heart.

And for the other we used the rubber on the end of a pencil to dip in the paints and trace round the cardboard heart.

Starting with more paint around the heart and less as you move out.

And the final design we did was using string to decorate an outlined heart.

Draw the outline, then cover the wool with glue.

Then pop the gluey wool inside the heart shape.

These are easy enough that the kids can do them alone, but pretty enough that any girlfriend will be proud to receive it, they will also work really well for Mother’s or Father’s Day cards as well.

Wool hearts

Cotton wool hearts

Dot hearts

Check out Hannah’s blog for some more ideas

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