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Saving money is one of my new year’s resolution so in a bid to save money, I’m trying and testing money saving app and this week i would like to share with you my experience with the shopmium app

Apparently, this app offers discount and few freebie food and beverages to try through cashback schemes and the good thing is that, it has no minimum balance required to pay out. They will pay you everytime you claim as long as your purchased is verified. So, this is one of the offer I took advantage as an example to show you. I bought the product and claim my cashback by uploading my receipt.

Normally the happy monkey is £2.50 but you will only pay £1.50 if you use the app as you get cashback for the discount. You can always check each product offers to see weather it’s free or discounted. I bought the happy monkey smoothie for £2 from sainsbury and have scan it’s barcode On the app and upload the receipt as required then claim for my cashback.

Then my request was validated and processed. You can either put your PayPal or bank as your mode of payment. Also add a little bit of review on the product.

Then I immediately received an email update and payment through my PayPal so I’m really pleased with this app as it’s very easy to use and does really pay cashback regardless of the amount. It does what it says and has an overall excellent performance. It means that I have only paid £1.50 for the smoothies and save £.50p which is not bad. As Tesco said, Every little things help. You can also get some product for free like this below

If the offer is free, it means it will give you a cashback of the price you bought for it. So they will pay you back which is a total money saving.

All you have to do is download this app

  • Browse offer for discount and deals
  • Buy the products during your shopping at your local store.
  • Take a picture of your receipt
  • Redeem and get your cashback on your PayPal or bank within 2 days.

You can also get a referral reward of £3 if you invite your friends to download and use the app.

Invite a friend =£3

Refer a friend and get £3 cashback when they redeem their first rebate. The person you refer will received freebies on their app so if you like this app as much as I did  and interested in this kind of money saving app then just sign up with my referral code.
First download the app and received a free Lindt chocolate bar  Shopmium app    and sign up with my referral code: KMHUKUYQ

Over all, I’m really happy with this app and I think it’s worth trying as I’m starting to save little money on foods. I would definitely recommend it to everyone.

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