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A dog friendly family walk

Every weekend we take the dog out on a nice long walk, she doesn’t get much during the week so we like to make up for it over the weekend. Our favourite walking spot is Clymping in West Sussex. 

If you park up by St Mary’s Primary School, it is free parking and a nice distance from the beach. Then head South along the path/mud track through the fields  and  after a 30/45 minute walk, you will reach the beach. The beach is shingle at the top, but more sandy below when the tide is out. If you want a longer walk you can walk along the shore a bit before walking back up the same path. 

It is a really lovely walk through fields and country side, there are normally no cars so it’s nice and safe for the kids to run and play. 

There are often some horses in a field half way down which the children love to call over for petting. 

Bethany was very excited to find a fossil in a rock on the beach:

(Please excuse the painty fingers)

Jack wanted to show off his “writing rock” he found (chalk)

If it has been raining you probably want wellys for the kids as the puddles get quite big and tempting, but adults shouldn’t need them unless it has been really wet. 

We love this walk, not too far for the children and there is the beach half way with fun rock pools to encourage them to keep walking! Definitely a good walk for the family!

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