Lee Stafford lighten up mirror review | #triedtested

” mirror mirror of Lee Stafford, who is the fairest of them all? ” lol

Do you ever look at yourself in the mirror and think ” do I look beautiful? ”

Reviewing this mirror remind me of that line in the movie Snow White. It is such a beautiful mirror and can’t help myself but admire its feature. However, i feel the opposite when I’m looking at my face in it lol

I feel like somehow it does show my flaws and imperfection but anyway I’m here to review the mirror and not my face 🙂

My teenage daughter fell in love with this lighten up mirror as it’s beautiful and sleek. It’s a pink chrome mirror with soft glow illumination. You just need to put a 3 AA battery and you can turn the button on to see the glow illumination. This mirror has a double sided with the other one has 1 x and the other side has 3 x magnification. You can do 360 degree rotation which is perfect for every angle especially when applying make up. Even me had so much fun trying and testing this mirror. I love the colour and quality and surely delight any woman. This is perfect for any dressing table. I love the glowing light effect. I think it’s a good value of money.

Family Fever

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