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Quidco review | #triedtested

I discover Quidco after shopping at Everything5pounds

It offers £15 bonus on my next shop at everything£5 if I will join quidco. Well, I’m a bit hesitant at first thinking another scam or promotion. But anyway, I thought I will give it a try so I sign up and on my next online shopping I use their link to track my purchased.

Then few weeks I think when I remembered about it and went to check out my account when I saw this.

And honestly I can’t believe it’s real, that they do actually pay cashback. For me to to believe it more, I attempt to withdraw it but it will take few days to verify so I just wait until it’s ready to withdraw.

So once it’s verified, I withdraw the £15 from quidco and put my PayPal account to and it took 4 days to appeared but I’m really pleased with it. Tried and tested and I would definitely recommend them if you always shop online and I think you can use it as well in store. Your cashback can accumulate and it’s nice to save it for something like holiday or Christmas and etc. I think it’s worth trying it. I’m always on the look out on how to save money and I think this one of the best way. Shop and get paid for a cashback. Now you can enjoy shopping 🙂

❤ happy shopping everyone ❤

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