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My teenage daughter usually ask me, ” what I want on Mother’s Day? And my reply would be, ” a clean house everyday lol” I keep telling to her that I don’t need anything in terms of material things. I said to her to save her money instead.
I’m sure every mum feels the same. Once you became a mum, you don’t think about yourself anymore. You probably couldn’t care or have time to make yourself looks nice or beautiful. And you probably feel it’s a waste of money to treat yourself to a new clothes or anything you just want but don’t need as your priority is always your children first. 
But I’m sure you would love to be pampered a little bit, to treat yourself with new clothes, spa, day out or something to make you feel relax and special. We usually go out for a meal and I’m sure it’s not bad to dress up sometimes for a special ocassion like Mother’s Day. And for that we’re giving away a 10 discount code to be use at Everything5pounds which is £5 each code. Just message us and we will reply you with the £5 off discount code. Alternatively you can comment on our Facebook page to get one code.
Now you can start treating yourself a little bit. Check out our favourites! 

check out this Contrast collar skater dress which looks stylish yet comfortable to wear. 

Omg if your into Maxi dress this one is gorgeous just pair it with a denim jacket or white blazer and celebrate Mother’s Day with bright colour which perfect this spring season. 

If your into top then this cute Laser trim white top is perfect with its simplicity but cute and looks pretty.

Omg embroidered clothes is very trendy at the moment and this is definitely cute and quirky yet fashionable as well Embroidered pinstripe top could be yours. 

And if your into jumpsuit but want a comfortable one yet striking then this one is perfect Striped cropped wrap jumpsuit

Have a look at this ideas if you like them otherwise you can go to Everything5pounds  and choose based on your taste and style. 

❤ happy Mother’s Day to all Mummy ❤

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