The perfect bedroom for your animal loving kid.

Kids go through a lot of phases in their young lives. One week they are obsessed with superheroes, the next it’s witches, wizards, and magic. Children are very receptive to their surroundings, and that is probably why they get so gripped by the things they are interested in. Of course, every child is unique, but one common theme that is apparent in many childhoods is a love for nature and the outdoors. As we grow up, we do regrettably lose some of our awe for nature, as we simply get used to it, or realize that we don’t have time to travel the world anymore. But if your little one has a thing for all creatures great and small, definitely take the opportunity to nurture that! It could lead them to great things, and a love and respect for the natural world is something that should be instilled into all our children. A good place to start with appealing to this side of their personality is by theming their bedroom around the great outdoors. Kids love a themed bedroom, and it can be a great way for them to express themselves. Here are a few ways you can bring the outside inside for your little adventurer. 

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Children have a limited concept of how large the world actually is – to them, your local supermarket seems to be miles away, so surely Africa is just around the corner from there, right? That doesn’t mean to say, however, that you shouldn’t expose them to all the different countries and cultures that the world has to offer – it can be great for their geography skills, too. Display a large world map in your child’s room – you can even get hold of ones that allow them to scratch off where they’ve already visited, which is sure to spark their travel bug. 
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A teepee bed 

Why settle for a regular bed when your child could have something unique and exceptional? Kids have wild imaginations, and your little adventurer probably spends much of their time pretending that they are off on their travels somewhere, getting into all kinds of predicaments! Feed their imagination with a tent or teepee-style bed from somewhere like Cuckooland. Who knows, maybe one day your child will set off adventuring in the real thing – but for now, a tent-shaped bed will do just fine!
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Animal art 

It is a sad reality that some of the animals we grew up with may no longer be around for our children. Go to the effort of teaching your child about all the amazing creatures of the world – it will feed their interest in conservation and respect for animals. Get hold of some colorful art prints of various animals, whether you go for domestic ones or more exotic beasts. You can get custom-made, handcrafted ones from websites such as Etsy, or you could even try your hand at making one yourself. This way, your child can appreciate all the natural wonders of the world right from his or her bedroom.
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