What Can I Use My Conservatory For?

A conservatory is a fantastic addition to any home. It gives you more space to work with, and they’re less expensive and quicker to build than a brick extension. Maybe you’ve moved into a home with a conservatory, or are thinking of having one built and aren’t exactly sure what they can be used for? Here are just a few ideas to consider!

An Extra Living Space

An extra living space at home can be really useful. Feeling overcrowded and that your family doesn’t have enough space can cause frustration and arguments. An extra living room means adults could have one room and teenagers could have another.

Alternatively you could have a ‘formal’ living room and a more casual one. It could be a breakfast room, or somewhere you sit out when the weather is nice. Having that extra bit of room in the home can make all the difference.

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A Playroom

Fed up of toys everywhere in your living room? You could use the conservatory as a playroom instead while your children are small. With modern glass and additions like Guardian warm roof, conservatories aren’t the draughty ‘greenhouse’ style spaces they once were so no worry about children getting cold. They’re just as warm and cosy as the rest of the home. As your children get older you could repurpose the space and use it for something else.

A Dining Area

We’re not all lucky enough to have separate dining rooms at home. If your kitchen is small, chances are you’ll be doubling up your living room as a living/ dining area. Using the conservatory as a dining space instead gives you far more room in your main living area.

Alternatively, if you have a dining room you could use this for something else such as a home office- and dine in the conservatory instead.

A Kitchen Extension

A large kitchen is the stuff of dreams. They’re practical, beautiful and add more value to a home- it would certainly give it a strong selling point. Instead of making yours bigger with a standard brick extension, why not do so with a conservatory instead? With so much glass you’ll flood the room with natural light, making it look bright and gorgeous. Imagine cooking and entertaining in a space like this!

A Home Office

What better way to work from home than in a lovely bright and airy space? Whether you’re freelance, run your own business or just use your office to pay household bills it’s a great use of the space. Set up your desk and computer, add some plants and a filing cabinet to store all of your essentials. Some good quality conservatory blinds will help keep you shaded when the sun is out so you can see your screen properly! If you don’t have an extra bedroom to use then this is an ideal way to create the space you need.

Do you have a conservatory at home, or are you planning on having one built? What will you be using it for?

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