Easter craft ideas -polystyrene eggs!

Every year my children’s school host an Eggstrvaganza, each child gets given a polystyrene egg and has to design a handmade display around the egg.

Bethany is in year 3 this year and jack year 1, so this will be the 5th and 6th creations I have “helped” make…I hoped it wouldn’t happen this year, but it did!

Just in case other school do similar I am here to help you out with our ideas. My kids do most of their work themselves (unlike some kids who’s parents do all of the project).

Bethany didn’t allow me to help at all her first year, so it was simply an egg covered in pink glitter lol

Her second year was a bunny who had tumbled into a flower pot. Simple and easy to do.

The next year we papermached a balloon, cut it in half and painted it as a chicken. She then made the box into a nest and placed the egg inside the chicken.

For Jack’s first year we made a dragon with a dragons egg. I admit he didn’t do much of this lol he paused all the parts and the background and I assembled the dragon for him.

Jack’s this year is a seascape, he did this all himself and I only helped with the mummy seagull.

Bethany’s she has refused any help with (and keep telling me that her friends ones look like they have been done by parents not by the kids!!). It is an Easter egg hunt.

One of Each #littlemakes

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