Ways That You Can Add A Little Old Fashioned Charm To Your Home

Let’s face it, not everyone loves the pared down minimalist look. Some of us love a slightly more old-fashioned look: plush, comfortable fabrics, sturdy wood, and deep, rich colours.

Here are some tips that will help you achieve that old fashioned, charming look in your home.
Go For Classic Looks

First of all, it’s time to remember that you shouldn’t be following any trends. To achieve a more rustic look, what you want to do is go for classic styles that won’t end up ageing badly and that will still look as good in ten years as they do now. That means that it’s time to ditch the interior decor magazines and go for quality instead – not only will you save in the long run when your decor lasts the test of time, but it’ll also look effortlessly chic now.

Make sure that you ditch materials like plastic and go for leather, wood and glass instead – not only are they more recyclable a long way down the line, but they’re also a lot more durable.

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Invest In New Furniture

Making your home look classic and charming doesn’t mean that your furniture has to be old and ratty. On the contrary, it’s time to invest in some great pieces that will last you a long time without going out of style.

If you’re focusing on your living room, a leather couch like a Chesterfield sofa will age much better than fabric covered couches – let’s face it, leather looks even better as it gets older and more battered. Plus, if you have kids, leather is much easier to clean than fabric and stains much less easily.

Other good pieces to invest in are a great stove for the kitchen along with a big oak table that you and your family can comfortably eat around.

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Focus On Comfort

No matter what you want to do with your home, it’s absolutely vital that if you’re going to fully enjoy your living space, you focus on how comfortable it is. Make sure that you have rugs on your wood or tiled floors to keep your toes warm all year long, and if you aren’t fully comfortable in bed, invest in new sheets.

Cotton is breathable and natural, and wool blankets on top will keep you warm in the winter. Go for blankets over the backs of your couches too, in deep shades of red and navy.

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Bring Nature Into Your Home

If nature doesn’t have a place in your home yet, it’s time to bring it inside. Choose nature inspired colours for your soft furnishings – pale green along with jewel colours like flower petals.

Fresh flowers always make a room look beautiful and smell fragrant, and succulent plants are one of the few current trends that will always look good – plus, they don’t require too much maintenance.

Finally, why not add an indoor herb garden to your kitchen windowsill? Not only will it be fragrant and attractive, but you can also use the herbs in your cooking.

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