Cheap Renovation Ideas That Will Boost The Value Of Your Home

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Renovating your home can be a costly process, but it needn’t be. There are plenty of ways to add value to your home without taking out a loan. Here are just a few examples…

Go green

Green properties are becoming more sought after, not just because they help save the environment by lowering your fossil fuel usage, but because they also lower the costs of bills. As a result an eco-friendly property can often sell for more than a non-eco-friendly one.

There are countless methods to eco-vate your home. Windows can be fitted with double glazing to keep your rooms warmer and prevent having to use as much gas. Draft protectors can be added to doors to stop heat escaping (you can buy these and do this yourself!). You can also insulate your loft relatively cheaply with thermal wool to stop heat escaping here.

Some green renovation ideas can be costly such as replacing a boiler, adding cavity wall insulation or installing solar panels, although they will reduce your bills dramatically if you plan to live in the house for a few more years before selling up. Look out for renovation specialist companies such as Bright Green Homes that can offer extra ideas.

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Have a bath

If you’ve just got a shower, adding a bath to your bathroom could up the value of your property significantly. Bath tubs aren’t particularly expensive, and you can get dual purpose bath/showers from companies such as Bathshop321.

The only concern may be space – some bathrooms are too small to fit a tub. You may also struggle to get a tub into the bathroom in some cases without knocking down a wall or removing a bannister.

Paint over controversial colours

Believe it or not, the colour of your property can add or reduce value. Some colours are worth avoiding if you’re thinking of selling up, as they could limit interest from buyers. Pink is one colour to avoid as it can be overtly feminine. Black can also put a lot of people off and be difficult to paint over.

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Tidy your garden

An unruly garden can also take value off your home. If your back yard is looking scruffy, it may be time to put your green fingers to use and cut back some of that shrubbery. It may even be worth hiring a gardener. Consider planting flowers and adding aspects such as patio paving or decking that could increase the aesthetic appeal of the garden.

Convert your loft

Ok, so a loft conversion isn’t cheap, but relatively speaking it can be worth the boost in value. Converting your loft into a livable space essentially adds a new room to your property, turning a three-bed property into a four-bed.

It’s much cheaper than building a new room via an extension, as the walls and groundwork is already there. Not all loft spaces can be converted as easily – if you have to raise the roof or knock out another room to add a staircase, the conversion cost may not be worth the rise in value.

However, if you only need to add electrics and insulation and can fit a staircase without disturbing masonry, it’s well worth investing in.

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