Durdle Door Adventure 

We went to Dorset for 2 days during the Easter break. I must admit, it’s our first time to explore Durdle Door.

It was lovely weather while we were there, which was perfect. The scenery was breathtaking and just absolutely beautiful. We walk our way down the steep cliff, connected by stairs, down to the bay. It can be a bit scary so proper footwear is a must. My children were adventurous enough to just walk it while other families seemed to struggle. I’ve heard one woman complained to her husband, ” why did he take them there ”

That route going down the cliff is a bit slippery and you can easily slide or trip if not careful.

There is quite a steep climb down to the beach but it’s all worth it as you can find yourself in this beautiful spot looking right at the ‘Door’, what a sight!

My kids really enjoyed spending the whole day on the beach. They made sandcastle and buried their legs in the sand and of course went paddling in the water.

This place is stunningly beautiful and refreshing. Steep cliff path and uneven steps might be challenging but it’s all worth it to visit everything that it has to offer.

You can park for a day or rent a cottage nearby if you are planning a longer visit.

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