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One thing my family and I adore is snuggling down on a Saturday night and having a film night, but choosing a film to suit everyone can be quite difficult.

Our TV is on the verge of dying on us, it occasionally turns itself off without warning and 3 out of the 4 HDMI ports have stopped working, so I am looking forward to buying a new TV. My favourite at the moment is this UHD TV Panasonic which is cinema quality, has surround sound, 3D capability and Smart TV functions. Everything I want in a TV.

We set up the table in the middle of the lounge, covered in snacks: our favourite snacks are pretzels and Haribo, we do a hot chocolate each, complete with marshmallows and squirty cream and put away our phones for a bit of family time.

The film itself can be a bit difficult to choose; it has to be something not scary (for the kids) and yet has to be interesting enough that Mummy and Daddy don’t get distracted by their phones! Here is my list of favourites:

• Labyrinth. I adore this film and my kids now love it because they know I love it so much. It can be a bit scary (especially the bit with the Chillies, but they are slowly learning that it is make believe and doesn’t happen in real life).
• The new Alice in Wonderland and Alice Through the Looking Glass (Johnny Depp version). Colourful and fun for the kids to enjoy.
• The Wizard of Oz; a classic! Daddy is less pleased with this one because of the musical nature of it.
• Oz the Great and Powerful. This is a new favourite for my kids. It is absolutely amazing in 3D, if you have a TV which supports it.

I also asked a few friends for their favourites:

• Mary Poppins – it is ageless suggested by
• Toy Story – it has something for all ages with brilliant characters and to say it’s 20 years old, it doesn’t look dated at all:
• Harry Potter – everyone needs to believe in the magic
• Beauty and the Beast, love the message of a strong woman who doesn’t need a man to save her and the songs are great too.
• Paddington, it appeals to all ages
• Any Star Wars!!! We are a family of fans
• Ours would be Beethoven! We all love it for different reasons and it leaves us with such a warm, fuzzy feeling! We all have a group hug with the dog afterwards too!
• Mrs Doubtfire – funny and heart-warming ! At Christmas time Elf is our firm favourite !
• Frozen! I love as a family trying to hit those high notes together, do feel sorry for the neighbours though!
• Finding Nemo, it may be an oldie now but it still brings a tear to everyone’s eye! Http://
• I loved Sound of Music as a child and can’t wait to show my two when they are a little older. Https://
• Big hero 6! It’s a favourite with all the family, and has to be one of the best Disney movies.
• Muppets Christmas carol! (At Christmas obviously!)
• Matilda – we love a happy ending and you’ve gotta love the trunchball classic villain

I hadn’t thought of some of these films, so can’t wait for Saturday night now! My question for Star Wars fans is do you start with episode 1, or the original episodes and start at 4, or with the prequels that are now out?

Do you have any films to add to the list?

*collaborative post

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