Things To Do To Your Home This Summer That You’ll Appreciate In Winter

Okay, so summer hasn’t even arrived yet (will it ever), and winter is already being discussed. However, it’s worth thinking about the things you can do in your home during the warmer (here’s hoping) months, ensuring your house is in the best shape it can be when the days get shorter, and you’re searching for the hot water bottle.


Tidy home, tidy mind (is that how the saying goes?). A spring, or summer, in this case, clean automatically refreshes your house and lifts the spirits of everyone living in it. If you’re having a thorough clear out (we’re talking gutting the garage and organising the loft), then the last thing you want to be doing is traipsing in and out the house with boxes and bin bags in the freezing cold. So pick a dry and mild day to get all the heavy lifting done, and why not organise a car boot sale, so all that effort literally pays off.

When the colder months hit, you’ll be clutter free, and the house will be a pleasure to be in, after all, you’re more likely to be staying inside during winter. For decluttering inspiration, take a look here:

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The summer is the best time to get any DIY or home improvements done; as you’d have to be brave to decide on having your roof refitted during January (brrr). Summer is a smart time to check that the outside of your house is well maintained, so ensure your gutters are clear, and all your roof tiles are still up there, you don’t want to be dealing with leaks and damp throughout winter.

If you’re thinking of home improvements inside the house, again, when it’s warmer outside, it’s better to get them completed; especially if it’s related to the plumbing (although there’s nothing more refreshing than a cold shower in mid-December). So, if you’re planning to refit the bathroom, add some underfloor heating, or change your radiators, get the professionals in now; before it gets too cold.

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Every household will use less energy when it’s warmer; so it’s always a great time to check if you can get a better deal on your utility bills. It’s a highly competitive market, where everyone is fighting for your business by offering the lowest rates; so don’t be lazy and just stick to what you know, there are plenty of resources out there to help you find a better deal than what you’re currently paying for your gas and electric. If you choose to change your energy provider this summer, try and find a fixed rate that will see you through winter, and save you money in the meantime.

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Getting ready for winter during the summer months might sound depressing, but it doesn’t have to be! Cleaning and improving your house will only make it a more pleasurable place to live in, whatever the season. And there’s never a fun time to sort out household bills; but if you get on top of them before it gets cold, you’ll worry less when you’ve accidentally left the heating on all night.

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