Top tips on saving for a holiday.

Going for a holiday outside the uk can be a bit expensive, especially for a family of 5 like us. We love to go to our native country, the Philippines, as much as we can. We can only afford to go for a holiday to the Philippines every few years since the tickets are very expensive. We’ve went there last year so going for a holiday again this year is out of the plan.

However, my husband was checking prices everyday and took advantage an offer. We are going in August which means there is only a few months left for us to save for our holiday.

Straight away we started clearing out all our old items to raise money for our holiday fund. We have so much in the house that needs decluttering, as we are a family of a shopaholic. Hubby is also planning to do carboot sales every weekend and that could help since everytime we sell there we make somewhere around £80. We’re are selling online and I use some apps and selling site; see the post I wrote about it here.  I also have a holiday tin/pot, where I have been saving loose change, so we’re hoping to open that before our holiday.

I asked my fellow bloggers their ways of saving for a holiday so that I could do more.
Laura from savings for savvy mums suggests using account skimming which is transfering small amounts from your account to make it a round number; for e.g. you log in and if your account is £214.53 you would transfer out the £4.53. You don’t notice it and within a month you can have saved £30 easily”

Victoria from Lylia Rose earns from home doing various things and is paying off a holiday with some of it! She just got £60 cashback from her holiday using top cashback. She does Mystery shopping, matched betting, blogging, cashback, here’s her money section.

Jane from just average Jen saves all her lottery scratch card wins and all £2 coins in a pot for spending money.

Laura from mum on a mission posted about how to make and save money. She always books holidays as separates to save money, she would book flights when there’s a sale on and then book the hotel on a flexi rate so that they can cancel it if they find something cheaper nearer the time. She also use quidco for everything she books.

Jon from the money shed said don’t save, instead earn more money. There are numerous VERY EASY ways you can make an extra £1000 a month without any trouble so just do that instead!! His blog is full of different ways to make money, which is helpful. He also shared a post on how to make a lot of money at home and I’m convince this is what I need lol

When Sinead from Cheeki Mummy breaks a tenner the fiver goes straight into her savings. So far she not even noticed them missing and she has saved £150 this year (she also skim her account, completed paid surveys, and does the 360 challenge) which is a good idea. The idea of the 360 day challenge is to make it easier to save and not put you out of pocket if you can’t afford to save a higher amount. You start by saving a penny on day 1, 2p on day 2, £1 on day 100 and £3.65 on day 365 or as it’s a leap year this year you could even save for 366 days. By increasing the amount by 1p each day you will end up with £667.95 at the end of the year. Find it more here.

Collette often challenges herself to a no-spend period and only pay for bills and essentials, it really helps her to save those extra pennies.  She also did a post on how to save money to prepare for a holiday it’s really helpful:

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