Terror attacks and whether you let it run your life!

Last night there was another sickening attack on our country (currently “suspected” terror attack not confirmed).

I love London and actually visited, with the children, just a few weeks after the Westminster incident.

I have another visit for a night out booked for the end of June and I did consider cancelling (my anxiety still continues to try and persuade me to), but a big part of me doesn’t want the terrorists to win! They want us to change our lifestyle and stop doing the things we love because we are scared, so no I am not going to submit to them, I am not going to cancel my life because I am scared of “what if”, I am going to stand tall and be brave! Besides I’ve already bought an expensive dress, I can’t take it back now!

Keep Calm and Carry on England! Don’t let it get you down xxxx

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  1. Its so sickening that they’re trying to ruin peoples lives. Hopefully they’ll come to their senses soon and let people live their lives without having to be scared. x

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