Dreaming Of A Mattress That Isn’t A Nightmare? Here’s What To Do

There are so many things that homeowners think about before a mattress. ‘Oh, I would love to redecorate the kitchen, and the living room is next whenever I get the chance!’ These types of statements are commonplace, yet no one seems to worry about a bed until it is too late. Sorry to say it, but this way of thinking is a mistake. A mattress and the bed overall has an impact on everything from sleep to body issues such as a bad back. So, if it isn’t up to standard, your quality of life will begin to decline.

As you can see, placing more emphasis on a mattress is a logical and important move. But, before you can give yourself a pat on the back, there is another issue: choosing correctly. If you have never bothered before, your knowledge and experience might be amateurish to say the least. Plus, there are so many different varieties to choose from. Thankfully, there is no need to make an error with the following tips.

Here is how to pick a mattress of your dreams and avoid the nightmares. 

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Research Online First

There is so much info to digest that it’s important to get a head start before you walk into a shop and flash your credit card. Indeed, a lack of research is how people end up lying on a bed that doesn’t suit their needs. An issue that you will find is that it’s hard to locate any unbiased sources. Most information on the internet is all from companies which are sellers, so they have a vested interest.

The good news is that there are resources which don’t have an agenda and are trustworthy. To begin with, experts like The Better Sleep Council only care about providing people with the stats that are conducive to a good night’s sleep. Simply put, they won’t try to sell you anything so aren’t worried about hitting targets or commission. Another good resource is previous customers. Like you, they are normal people attempting to navigate the industry. As a result, their opinions and tips are invaluable.

Ask A Medical Professional 

Although it may seem this way, the World Wide Web isn’t today’s only source of information. Yep, as shocking as it sounds, it is possible to find things out by speaking to people. Walking up to the first person you see and asking for their advice isn’t a good idea. However, booking an appointment to see a medical professional is a savvy move. GPs have a wealth of knowledge on almost every subject and will be able to answer the majority of your questions. If they can’t, a doctor should point you in the direction of a specialist. Again, medical experts are excellent resources as they only have your well-being at heart.

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Be Wary Of Jargon

Mattress suppliers aren’t stupid. They understand that certain buzzwords carry a lot of weight for customers, which is why they add them on whenever possible. For example, it isn’t uncommon to come across a bed that states it’s ‘medically approved.’ Like most non-specialists, this will suddenly make one item more desirable than another. After all, who doesn’t want to sleep on a mattress which has been poked and prodded by scientists? Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a medically approved bed. When you think about it rationally, it’s a vague term that can have a variety of meanings. Sure, maybe some boffins in a lab did try the bed out and report their findings. Still, they could be paid by the manufacturer or supplier, and that instantly taints the results. One thing you should know is that there isn’t a neutral or government-led group in the UK. The same goes for terms like ‘orthopaedic.’ As a rule, just be careful when you notice these words on tags or advertisement boards.

Try Before You Buy

The average person thinks that the ‘try before you buy’ tactic only relates to cars. The truth is that you can try anything beforehand. Scratch that – you should try anything before making a purchase. Buying a bed is a big deal because of the potential health impacts and the money. Oh, yes, mattresses do not come cheap. At least by lying on it, it’s possible to make deductions about the quality. Okay, so it isn’t an exact science, yet it’s better than picking one at random and hoping for the best. Mattresses are personal to the individual, so seeing whether it fits is a huge part of bed shopping. A tip: use shops which have an online and high street store. When you browse feather and black mattresses online, you know it’s possible to see in person. Why? It’s because they have physical stores as well as an online shop. Also, check out the warranty and returns policy. If something goes wrong, you want to know a return or replacement is on the cards.

Firm, Medium Or Soft?

Conventional wisdom says that a firm mattress is better for a variety of reasons. The main one is that it is friendlier to your back, so there is less chance of aches and pains. However, it’s worth remembering that this isn’t always the case. In general, people do seem to prefer a firm bed. But, it depends on the situation. Sometimes, softer mattresses are the order of the day because they mould to your body shape. Quite simply, this distributes your weight better and helps avoid injuries while you sleep. Also, comfort is a major part of buying a bed as no one wants to lie on a rock hard double that feels like concrete. So, there has to be a certain amount of flex, and firm mattresses aren’t renowned for this quality. Usually, the best option is the middle ground, which is a medium-firm mattress in this case.

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Buy From A Reputable Brand

Because beds are expensive, it’s tempting to go with a relatively unknown company to reduce costs. The problem with this method of thinking is that it puts the entire transaction at risk. Quite simply, there is no way to know whether the brand is legitimate until you get the mattress home. For most people, this is a huge risk not worth taking. Yes, it is commendable to give smaller companies your custom, and yes there are bargains. But, on the whole, it’s a mistake that often leads to more problems. If the price is a problem, search the branded shops for deals and sales. They don’t come around very often, but they are a godsend when they appear out of nowhere. Plus, the best suppliers also include quality extras like a year long warranty agreement. In the end, you often get more value for your money anyway.

Don’t Let The Cost Get In The Way

Following on from the last paragraph, it is possible to let the value affect the decision-making process. In an attempt to save money, lots of people only consider the cheaper models and dismiss the rest. Although it is essential that you stick to a budget, it’s also important to choose the perfect fit. To do this, you have to forget about the cost for a while and focus on other features. For example, the type of mattress and the firmness are far more important than anything else as they are health-related. The key is to find a make and model that you like, and factor in the cost afterward. Even if it is out of your budget, there are ways to cut the cost. Again, there are sales, or you can search for the same bed elsewhere. Thanks to the Web, there is no shortage of competitors willing to undercut their rivals.

Take Measurements

It is amazing how many people buy a mattress without measuring it first. You shouldn’t need telling, but logging the measurements in your brain is standard stuff. Otherwise, how else will you know if the mattress will fit the bed? In extreme cases, the bed might not even fit through the front door! All it takes is five to ten minutes of your time and it’s over. Then, when you walk into a shop, you know what you’re looking for in every sense of the word. If you want to take it one step further, also calculate the length and width of the front and bedroom doors. The last thing anyone wants is to take the window out to get the mattress into the house. A tip: don’t listen to the sales rep. They will tell you one set of measurements, but gauge it yourself just to be sure. Plus, you get to use the pocket tape you’ve been carrying around.

Unwrap It ASAP

As soon as you have the bed in the house, you should take off the plastic. Even if you don’t plan on using it anytime soon, it’s a good move. A salesperson won’t tell you this, but the plastic will start to rot. If it does, the mattress could be out of service before you have even laid your head down to rest.

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