My dream engagement proposal

My wedding day!

I never had a proper engagement; my husband proposed to me over the phone while he was here in the uk and I was in the Philippines, we were supposed to have a church wedding but due to the fact it would slow down the processing of my papers for joining my husband here in the uk, we decided to just have a civil ceremony and just have a proper church wedding in the future.
This has made me dream of a proper proposal and I have a clear picture of what I would want.

If we ever have the chance to do it all over again, I would love my husband to surprise me with a beautiful engagement ring since I haven’t got one. I’m only wearing a wedding ring but no engagement ring. Who doesn’t want a fairytale wedding or to feel like a princess with a happy ending love story.

9 carat gold diamond trilogy ring

Although I’m not expecting anything as I’m happy as I am, I would love to have a wedding ring from F Hinds like the above picture. I have been looking at their jewellery and really wish I could have this for myself in the future. It’s no good to buy it myself so I have to give hints to hubby to buy it for me as it would be sweeter that way. F Hinds is my favourite jewellers as I love their collection. As they say ” diamond are forever” and so a marriage.

So back to my dreams; I would love my husband to take me to a luxurious place like Urban treat apartments for a special holiday. A perfect city break where I could be pampered with all the city of London can offer. Shopping, dining at posh restaurants and having a spa and just relaxing accommodation with a maid service would be heaven. Then my husband would surprise me with the ring and ask me the million dollar question “will you properly marry me this time?” omg I would probably faint if this ever happened for real and not just a dream!

Anyway back in reality, I have to pinch myself to wake up from my beautiful dreams of fantasy. Who knows what life could offer. I might as well have wish on a star since I won’t lose anything. At the end of the day, dreaming is free for everyone 🙂

What about you? Did you had a proper engagement proposal or are you planning an engagement party / getaway? Then look no further, head over to F Hinds for that perfect engagement ring and book yourself to Urban retreat apartments for a perfect holiday. A memory that will last forever.

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