Summer make up, do’s and don’ts #ExpertsInBeauty

I love a bit of make up and summer is a really tough time for wearing make up; you don’t want lots on or it gets sweaty and looks awful but you still want some or you get the “are you ok? You look sick” comments lol

Here is my lowdown on summer beauty style:

Nails; I adore nail art! I have a nail artist friend who does mine so if you are brave enough ask your professional nail artist about Ellisons for glitter, beads, crystals etc. I love a fairly neutral background colour or French manicure style tips with some fancy nail art patterns on them.

Eyes; keep it minimal, but with a splash of colour. Check out my previous post about bold coloured eyeliner and give it a try or use some brilliant coloured eyeshadow. Liquid flicking eyeliner is a no-no for the summer, it runs too easily in the heat and I always fore-go the mascara unless it’s evening.

Lips; summer is normally the time for nude neutral lip colours, a bit of gloss for example, but I love a bold red! My favourite is the younique lipstain (no I’m not a seller), you don’t have to reapply at all during the day so is really convenient, at the moment I am living in “saucy” but I also own “shy” and “sleek”.
How does your make up look change in summer compared to winter? Let’s talk make up!

*collaborative post

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  1. I’m terrible when it comes to make up, because I stick to the same colours and never really experiment . I find shimmering browns highlight my eyes more against the tone of my skin that;s why I never change. Lip colours same again but a much bolder brown and one that doesn’t tend to come off easily. I hate going through the day and noticing after 10 minutes my lipstick has completely come off lol

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