*guest post* What is this thing called love and where can I find it?!

Of course I know what it is really-I see it and feel it everyday with my children, family and friends. I mean love that goes hand in hand with a relationship. I’ve been single on and off over the last five years after being married for 17 years. I’ve dated and had a relationship within that time, however I’m currently single. At the age of 39 yrs this wasn’t quite what I had envisaged for myself. That’s not to say that I’m not happy, I count my blessings having two amazing children and wonderful family and friends around me. I would however like to meet someone to share my life with. I’ve been told countless times that I will meet some one when I least expect it however that’s not been the case so far and I am impatient so online dating has and still does play a part in all this.                                                                                                         I was quite wary about signing up online to start with, after all things have changed quite a bit and it was all new to me. Still I took the plunge and have tried a few different sites. I have had several dates some successful, some not so much and some almost disastrous!          

That’s how my blog was born, I had been on a date and leading up to it everything that could of gone wrong really did. It’s no secret that time keeping isn’t a strong point of mine, however this time I was spectacularly late, and just as I was finally ready to leave the house one of my not so carefully applied nails pinged off, I dashed indoors to reattach it this proved to be easier said than done as I couldn’t find the glue because it was hidden underneath a pile of clothes. Once located I couldn’t open the glue and for reasons best known to myself I decided to open it with my teeth-cue a mouthful of nail glue, and the need to rinse my mouth and brush my teeth. I finally arrive flustered and very late, I jump out the car to discover my shoe was broken, so I’m now hobbling along through the car park as quick as I can under the circumstances! When I’m finally seated and the introductions are over I find I’m very nervous and give him a full version of events, whilst thinking to myself that I should just stop talking! That’s another joy of dating I find my nerves have a mind of their own and I’ve been known to either talk incessantly or not be able to string a sentence together, the best part of this is that I never know quite which way it’s going to be until I’m there!

So following this particular date I was out with a friend, talking about it. We had a good giggle and said how typical it was for these things to happen to me. I had also decided that for various reasons a second date wasn’t going to happen but I wasn’t quite sure how to tell him that. As we sat in McDonalds she helped me decide what to say and that was that all sorted. Later that evening we were having a girls night at another friends house and after a few Amaretto’s the conversation turned to the usual subject of my love life or lack of, and of course my latest date. After much giggling and laughter it was suggested that I should start a blog about dating as a single Mum where I could share the highs,lows and funny moments. I laughed it off but when I got home and couldn’t sleep I thought maybe I could do it, so I sat up and got started and I’ve not looked back.

I love writing and sharing my stories,I’ve been on quite a journey so far and it’s great to know that I can share them with everyone, I’m sure you can all relate to the crazy goings on at some point.❤️x

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