Chicken Thai curry | #foodiefriday

A Thai catering service is selling food at a market day every Wednesday at local high street near us. My favourite to buy as a take away is their pork Thai curry.

Then I saw this Thai red curry sauce from aldi and I thought I might as well try to cook it myself and I’m impress with this sauce as it gives the same taste of curry from that Thai food stall. Since then I never looked back and always use this sauce.


  • Chicken breast
  • Thai red curry sauce
  • Green beans
  • Pepper
  • Chilli

Instruction :

Slice chicken breast and fry it with cooking oil until it gets brown

Add the Thai red sauce

Add a little bit of water if you want maybe half cup, simmer and keep mixing it maybe up to 5 minutes until meat are tender / cook.

Add a spring beans ( Iv used a frozen one as fresh one not available that time )

Add peppers

When vegetables are cook, turn off the heat and add either a fresh chilli for that added taste ( optional )

Best serve with rice.

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