*guest post* Top 5 tips for handling the summer with kids!!

British summertime. BST. Most of us love it but for some it can be a struggle, especially when you’ve got children to entertain. Whether it be money, time or effort you’re lacking it can be hard work.
As a Snowy Owl Brownie Leader I often get texts or calls from friends asking for help or ideas of things to do. So I’ve listed a few to help get you through the summer.

1. Find free days – Check out your local council and community websites and Facebook pages for free activities and fun days! Days are always better when they are free!

2. Get outdoors – Ok, so this is a given but it’s not easy if you suffer with parent anxiety or simply hate being outside! Make it easier on yourself by starting off small and play out in the garden.

3. Protect yourself – Whether it be from the sun or bugs, get the creams and sprays and lather up. This includes the grown-ups! It’s easy to forget about yourself and end up with sunburn when you’re busy wrestling a child that’s fighting a sun cream application!

4. Get creative with the paddling pool – Fill with water on hot days to cool off and balls on cooler days to create a big ball bit! Kids having a sleepover? Fill it with blankets and pillows and stargaze!

5. Be prepared for rainy days – It is the British summertime after all! So have the kids favourite films and a bag of popcorn to hand for a movie day or blankets and pillows for den building.

Most of all though, enjoy the summer!

Mummy Snowy Owl



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