How to make it fun to wear eye glasses 

I started wearing prescription glasses when I learnt to drive. It’s a necessity that I have had no choice but to learn to accept that it’s a part of my everyday life now.

I’m happy that I can now see clearly but I feel like there is a lot of reasons not to love it. 

First is when taking pictures, you can see reflection on eyeglasses and that I can’t show the beauty of my eyes anymore unless I remove them for every picture.

Next is that it’s so annoying when it’s raining as you get drops on them plus if the heater is on during the winter it gets blurry.

And if I go swimming, I can’t take them off otherwise i can’t see well but it means I can’t swim underwater because if they get wet it’s blurry as well so I can’t really enjoy swimming. 

Most of all, I feel like I can’t style them. I really want hair accessories but since becoming a spectacle wearer, I just tie my hair back. I like headbands and other bow and hair clips but I feel like it won’t suit me.

I have asked my fellow blogger how to make it fun to wear glasses. Here is what they have to say:

I think just wear your hair or clothes as you would when you’re not wearing your glasses. I wear a mixture of contact lenses and glasses, depending on my mood each day, but I wouldn’t dress any differently when wearing my glasses. You can also get so many fashion frames now, much more of a huge choice to when I first had to wear glasses 20 years ago, that you can incorporate your style into your glasses frames 🙂 www.lyliarose. 

I’m totally with you on this one! I much prefer to wear my contacts for this reason! For me, I tend to only wear my hair down when I’ve got my glasses on, even if slightly clipped away from my face. Also don’t forget the eye make up, as that seems to make a BIG difference to how I feel!

I struggle with mine too – I’m a -6.5 prescription which means my glasses make my eyes look really small even with thinner lenses. I tend to wear my contacts mainly for this reason (and the fact I can see the ‘edges’ which you can’t with glasses) earrings look awful on me if I have glasses on, things just clash. If you are short sighted then wearing eye makeup that opens up your eyes and makes them look bigger works best (outer eyeliner and a pale colour on the waterline) where’s long sighted glasses wearers can balance things out by wearing a darker colour on the water line to make the eyes look a little smaller. Personally I find I look better with my hair up with my glasses on, but I think everyone is different there.

I just do what I’d do if I wasn’t wearing them. They’re just part of me. I also like to think of myself as having some sexy geek chic thing going on! Probably totally off, but it’s what I tell myself!!

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  1. Well, it is worth mentioning that it is scientifically proven, that glasses make you look more intelligent.
    Really, the biggest struggle though, it’s in summer where you want to wear sunglasses…but sunglasses on top of glasses, just won’t do 🙂

    1. That’s very true, luckily there is now a prescription sunglasses as well so I can still enjoy summer 🙂 thank you for commenting.

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