Arthur Price Minion themed dinner set

Jack is an absolute fan of Minions so these Arthur price cutlery and dinner plates sets are a perfect gift for him. The plate sets is proper bone china and comes in a choice of options; so that you can choose whether to get the plate the cup the bowl or a mixture of all of them and the cutlery is it is a lovely gift box with knife, fork, desert spoon and teaspoon.

We particularly love the dinner sets as Jack is nearly 6 so is safety to use a China plate instead of plastic but doesn’t need a full sized adult plate, this way he can use a grown up plate but still be a kid lol. I was amazed at how well priced these were, £8.95 for the cup and £9.95 each for the plate/bowl and £17.95 for the bowl and cup or £24.95 for all three and at the moment Arthur Price are offering free delivery on these sets.

The cutlery set is really good quality nice solid stainless steel and has a gorgeous picture of minions on them. The cutlery is the perfect size for little hands, I would say from age 4 to around 10 years. I did discover they cannot be washed in the dishwasher which means that if you do the writing comes off and lets be honest as a busy mum I really need something dishwasher proof, so our set has unfortunately lost its writing already, but jack loves them and chooses both the plates and cutlery above any of the others in the drawer.

I have seen that on their website Arthur Price are showing a different handle on the cutlery set, so perhaps they have fixed this problem by changing the style.

*Please note, the Despicable Me 3 dinner set and cutlery set were provided free in exchange for a review, however this has not effected my opinions and all words are my own.

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