Cute ideas to amuse the kids this summer

Amusing the kids over the summer can be hard work, I love having them off school but the summer holiday is soooo long they get bored easily. So here are a few ideas to entertain them and help you stay sane over the hols:

Make your own slime or playdoh/salt dough 

Paint and Grow your own flower garden, this is currently only £5 so get it now! The kids will spend ages painting it and planting the seeds and will enjoy watching them grow. You can even do a bit of learning and discuss how seeds turn into flowers.

A paddling pool can get boring after a while, so make it more fun by putting sharks, turtles or mermaids in with theme!

Join us on the Facebook Summer Challenge page for some free ideas of activities to do with your kids, or head to the Mummies Waiting blog for a free sample of her Ultimate Activities Guide, if you like it the whole ebook is only £4.95, it really is amazing.

Today I am running a treasure hunt for the kids (5 kids aged between 5 to 9), I have a mixture of clues from riddles to puzzles for them to solve. It took me ages to organise all the clues but it has taken them a couple of hours to solve all the clues and the prize at the end is just a couple of lollipops.

We love heading to pick-your-own, our local one is free to go into and you just pay for the produce you pick and it’s cheaper than getting it from the shops. So we get a mornings activity out in the sun and some yummy fruit. I then like to make fruit muffins with the kids to keep them entertained for the afternoon.

To make life easier I would suggest leaving drinks and snacks out for the kids so they don’t disturb you constantly all day!

Good luck, I hope you enjoy your summer holidays too!

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