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My son jack is an August baby (he’s going to be 6 next month), and as such is one of the youngest in his class, he has been struggling in school particularly with his reading and writing. He doesn’t find it fun, to him it is a chore which HAS to be done and he hates it. I saw a post on Facebook from Gifts for Little Hands showing phonics dominoes and thought that was exactly what jack needs, he loves playing with the traditional number dominoes so I thought these might actually keep his attention.

Gifts For Little Hands have three types of dominoes depending on what your child needs help with the most, I got the short vowel set (£15), there is also a long vowel version (£16.20) and sentence building (£19.45).

On each of the short vowel dominoes instead of having numbers on each side of the dominoes they have part words: so one side would have a letter and the other side an ending of a word for example S on one domino and AT on another, but then other dominoes would have a P or a C so the children can match them up to make words and there are lots of variations of the word to be made.

When the dominoes arrived he was very excited to try them out, the instructions show various ways you can play with them; simply matching two together to make words, making a long line of words and seeing how long you can make it, or more like traditional dominoes only making words instead of matching numbers.
Being used to playing standard dominoes my kids decided to play dominoes how they are used to. My eldest, Bethany (8), really enjoyed helping jack when he got a bit stuck, it was very sweet to watch.

They really enjoyed playing with these, they said it is a fun change from “dotty dominoes” (their words not mine lol), I don’t think they even thought of it as learning at all, they just found it fun which is exactly how learning and school should be!

Gifts for Little Hands also kindly sent us a game of Making Word snap to giveaway to a lucky follower, see my kids wonder review of this game here. Please enter our competition below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Terms and Conditions: Open to UK residents only, giveaway will run from 12/8/17 and will run until midnight on the 8/9/17

*toys were provided free for the purpose of this review and giveaway, this has not effected my opinion and all words are my own.

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