Psychology of Colour: what colour should you decorate?!

Choosing colours for your home is a difficult task, I work for a paint manufacturer and I know the stress it brings people!

Did you know that certain colours can affect our emotions or how we behave in the house?

Thomas Sanderson has produced a guide which gives you a guide for the best colour for each room and the science behind it. I have taken their key points below for you, but do check out their full guide on their site

Lounge: Purple; encourages relaxation and comfort.

Office: Blue; calming and stimulating concentration.

Bathroom: Black; luxury and sophistication. Also keeps it looking cleaner longer.

Bedroom: Green; feelings of comfort and serenity.

Kitchen: Red; raises blood pressure to increased your sense of taste and smell. Perfect for increasing your appetite.

Dining Room: Yellow; stimulates conversation

So, basically all the rooms in my house are painted the wrong colours haha time to get redecorating I guess! What colours do you have in your rooms? Do you think their guide is right?

*collaberative post

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