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Parenting still remains as the upbringing of the child from childhood to adulthood but the how parenting is done currently is quite different from the past. There are so many factors that contribute to the difference in parenting. Both parenting in the current and older days is obviously faced by some of the challenges but how they are handled also is different. The parents strive is to see that their children become a discipline and grow into responsible people. Below are the differences;

Parenting – Now and Then

Technological differences

Technology has greatly evolved and thus has affected the parenting way. Currently, the parents have very little time to spend with the children because they are distracted by the current technology, the phones, and the rest. A parent will concentrate so much on phone to answer emails and texts instead of interacting with the child. Worse, the children too have been introduced to this gadgets and thus most of their leisure time is concentrating on playing video games. Unlike the past where the parents spent most of their time playing with their children.

Security issues for the children

In the past children could be allowed to play freely with their neighbours. The children could even be let to go on an adventure far away from home without any fear. The children could interact with anyone and even go to their neighbors’ homes to spend time with other kids. Today, the trend has changed. Due to increased insecurity issues in the world, the parents have become more conscious and have restricted their children from interacting with neighbors. It is a security measure but the child misses the great opportunities with other kids.

The way of instilling discipline

In the past, parents could take the cases of child indiscipline as a delicate case. The ways of punishing the children were severe. The parents used the physical pain as a way of correcting their children. Moreover, when the child seems to be stubborn the parent could take a step of involving other relatives to help in guiding the child. Today, a parent does instill discipline on their children all alone, they do not want some other third party to help.

The daily child’s routine

The children have been influenced by the current technology and thus their routine has changed. Before the children were used to watching cartoons and their dreams were to be great doctors or astronauts. Currently, the children are attracted more to the video games and their dreams have been influenced by the current technology.

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Sarah is a WAHM who lives in Norfolk with her husband and three children. When she is not chasing after her children, looking after the house and coordinating after school activities. You can find her showcasing what her kids wore over on What the Kids Wore or chatting about homes and gardens over at A Few Favourite Things.

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