My quick and easy make up routine #2

Epril recently posted her quick and simple make up routine so I thought I should post mine up too.

See my YouTube video here

The products used were:

  • Moringa Oil: I love Moringa Oil, check out its many benefits in my previous post. 
  • Mineral Powder: I don’t often use foundation of any kind, but if I do then I use Wikaniko Mineral Powder, which I’m not sure they make anymore, when I run out I will probably try the bare minerals powder.
  • Avon Eyeliner: now this I use everyday without fail! It is my go to make up, always worn no matter what! I use Avon Glimmerstick Eyeliner is Cosmic Brown.
  • Avon Mascara: I have tried many different mascaras, I find the 3D mascaras are too stringy it looks like spiders legs to me lol but I really like this Avon Super Extend Extreme mascara.
  • Revolution Highlighter: I love the Revolution Strobe highlighter, it adds a shimmer to your cheekbones and makes your skin look youthful.
  • Younique Lipgloss: I use a different lipstick everyday, one of my favourites is the Younique Lucrative lipgloss, I also adore the Younique lipstain. I’m sure you all know a Younique presentor!

What is your favourite make up? Do you like the full make up look or minimal like me?!

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