Cholesterol Awareness Month: free test!

October is Cholesterol Awareness month, and as part of that we have been asked to share this link so you can order your very own test, for free, and check your cholesterol level.

High Cholesterol levels can lead to a dangerous accumulation of Cholesterol and other deposits on the walls of the arteries. These deposits can reduce blood flow, leading to chest pains, heart attacks or stroke/effects on memory.

Keeping an eye on your cholesterol level will help you catch and treat any issues before they lead to further complications.

I received a test and video’d my husband testing himself for you; one quick finger prick, pop it on the test and compare to the result chart. It was practically painless and we had the result within a minute (which by the way was all good, “big smiley green face)!

So easy to do i really would recommend it. Should you get a poor result you can head to your GP and get it treated before any problems arise.

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