Making Christmas magical

It is that time of year again when we are starting to think about Christmas and how to make it even more magical for the kids!

Elf on the Shelf

Personally we have been doing “elf on the shelf” for a few years. The kids think this is amazing, but I know lots of people don’t like the idea of the elf “telling tales” on the kids when they have been bad, but our elf doesn’t do that, it just moves around and sometimes does funny things.

Last year they (we have 2 elves now) got up to some fun activities. Take a nosy here at my post from last year.

Letters from Santa

My kids always write to Santa, I get them to do it early so “Santa” has time to sort the presents lol. But what really makes it magical is if Santa replies to them!

My favourite site for personalised Santa letters is their letters are only £5.99 and are personalised with their name, where they live, how old they are and their best friends name. They also do different letters for different children within a family, so they aren’t the same for both children.

Christmas Eve box

Our elf brings our Christmas Eve box, but it could be from you or even Santa (the Little Bargain Hunter loves this suggestion). Our box contains new pyjamas, a dvd to watch together and some sweeties and hot chocolate!

Here are some more suggestions from my fellow bloggers:

  • We sprinkle talcum powder on a pair of boots and leave footprints of “magic dust” across the carpet. From The Incidental Parent
  • Victoria from Lilia Rose suggests watching the Christmas lights being turned on.
  • Victoria from Big Stevie Cool suggests use portable North pole for Santa Claus to leave the kids a personalised message. It’s so realistic and the kids really believe.
  • Emma-Louise from Even Angels Fall suggests the tradition visiting of Santa at a garden centre, along with Christmas baking!
  • I love Suzanne’s suggestion from and another ten things: they grow candy canes – plant magic beans in little pots my daughter decorates, sprinkle with glitter and hey presto overnight the beans turn into candy canes.
  • Steven from Daddy Stinks (great blog name lol) suggests: It all starts Christmas eve for us. A visit to santa. Then we drive round looking at all the pretty houses before watching a film with new onsies and hot chocolate. We track santa for a bit then they goto sleep really in the mood.

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