Southern Rail Sucks!!

Oh God how much I hate public transport!

I decided to take the kids to Portsmouth Historic Dockyard for a day out this half term. Being a non-confident driver I don’t like to travel that far driving myself so I decided to take them by train. This cost wasn’t bad compared to petrol and parking costs and the time for travel was basically the same (1 hour).

We were due to get the 9.25 train and arranged to meet our friends in Portsmouth at 10.25, their ferry got in at 10.10 so they would have to wait a bit. Unfortunately our train was delayed and then Southern decided to terminate the train early, so we had to get off and change at Fratton. This delayed us even further and our poor friends had to wait over 45 minutes for us.

We had an amazing day out, which I will write about separately.

The train home was 4.29 and we had to dash out of the last attraction early to get it and run to the station. We arrived there to find the train cancelled, thanks Southern! The next train going in our direction would mean changing at Barnham, annoying but the next direct train was already cancelled so it was our only choice. The Barnham train was at 4.50, so we could have enjoyed the last attraction before we left, as it was I was left on the station with 2 tired children for 20 minutes.

This train left on time, yay! The connecting train should have got us home for 5.55, so a bit late for dinner for the kids and a long day but not too bad. I called hubby to let him know.

Oh no! Our connecting train was cancelled. Off we get at Barnham to check the video screens. The next 2 trains to our station were cancelled too! It’s like they didn’t want us to get home!

In the end I called hubby to come collect us, it took us 2 and a half hours to get home, when it should have taken us less than 1 and we still had to shell out for petrol.

It was nearly 8pm by the time we got home, the kids were exhausted and starving. Shame it ruined our memories of a lovely day out.

And people wonder why public transport use is reducing!

Have you had a disastrous journey on public train sport? Or maybe u have been effected by Southerns inability to run a train network? Please tell me about it and make me less grumpy!

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