Dining Room Envy

One of our main reasons for wanting to move house is so we can have a dining room in a room all of its own. Our dining table is currently in the kitchen, which is fine for everyday use but when we have visitors over it is very difficult to eat in the same room you are preparing, but at least when we have finished eating we can just leave the table and go into the lounge to chat, because should your table be in the lounge (like Epril’s is) you have the other problem of being stuck with the messy table while you are trying to chat. The only answer is for the table to have its own room!

Of course, once you have a separate dining room you have a whole new space to decorate. Yay my favourite! Check out our previous post describing interior design styles you could follow. My favourite style is Modern: fairly minimalist, lots of white and furniture which is multi purpose or stacks away when not needed.

I have pulled together a few of my favourite items for that time when I eventually get a desperate dining room!

Wall paint: I would of course go with our very own Reborn Paints; eco friendly yet beautiful. Nothing too bold for the dining room, probably a nice pale yellow like Parchment Cream or Citrus White.

Table and Chairs: there is no dining room without the dining room set. I love these extendable tables from Fishpools, it keeps with the modern style of foldaway for storage. The chairs look amazing as well, I hate dining room chairs which are uncomfortable, really makes it hard to enjoy your meal.


Lamp shade: I love the light shades from Copper Dust, who I met whilst sharing a stand at the London Design Fair. Their lamp shades are funky and I love the African inspired designs.

Display cabinet: over the years we have build up quite the collection of bits and bobs from family and friends and art work by the children. So it would be lovely to have somewhere to display them and show them off. I love glass fronted cabinets, like this one from Very, because it saves on the dusting, cleaning each ornament is a painful job.

Tableware: a new table would need a set of new, non-chipped tableware and these from Debenhams are absolutely stunning.

Storage: in order to keep the room looking minimalist and modern we would need somewhere to hide everything, which is where a cabinet or sideboard comes in. This white one from John Lewis would be perfect and in-keeping with the interior design theme.

What type of Dining Room do you like? Do you see a separate room as just another to keep clean? Or does a combined room annoy you like it does me?

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