Owning an electric vehicle, 2 years on

2 years ago I wrote 2 very excited posts about my electric vehicle purchase; 1) why I was buying an electric car and 2) following my purchase of “Zoe”, as my Renault Zoe is well known now, about why I chose her. Now we have nearly reached the end of the two year PCP contract I have decided to do a follow up post about my experience and the highs and lows of electric car ownership!

1. The charge point network is amazing across the country. It has really improved in recent years. NewMotion chargepoint for example has an excellent app and card system for their chargepoints.
2. Adjusting to only having approximately 80 Miles in one charge as a round trip has been easier than I thought. I have become an expert at forward planning and making sure I charge at regular intervals.
3. I get asked questions, from at least one person a week, about owning an electric car and how I’m finding it. You get used to saying the same things over and over.
4. Money saving; Zoe has definitely saved us money. Instead of petrol I have to pay battery rental, but since this is less than I was spending each month it has saved me money. The cost of a full charge is about £5, so hasn’t really increased our electric bill either. You can also get money off your electric bill for owning an electric car, so check your electric provider.
5. I am very proud of the fact that we are not contributing to the greenhouse gas problems of our country.
6. Unfortunately we won’t be paying off the balance owed on Zoe to own her, as was the original plan. Since they brought out the 250 mile battery Zoe, the value of my 80-100 mile battery Zoe has massively decreased and it is worth several thousand pounds less than is left to pay on it.

We will be buying another electric vehicle in the future, it is definitely worth it, economically, environmentally and they are more fun than smelly fuel cars!

*collaberative post

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