Project mc2 doll experiment review

I was sent a project mc2 doll experiment to review so I gave it to our niece who is so clever and loves this kind of thing. She and her sister both love girly stuff. They opened the doll today and did the experiment as well.

My niece Casandra loves her Project mc2 doll experiment. She and her sister grace mixed the food colouring and PVA, using stencils to make a temporary child friendly tattoo. They can easily remove it anytime they wanted. The doll came with its signature outfit which is cool and looks seriously smart.

My nieces had so much fun doing the experiment, they did get a little bit confused with the instructions but  they found the illustration so everything went fine.

This would make a lovely present for all young girls because it will enable them to become creative and innovative. The experiment activity will enhance their skills in following instructions. It’s not just a doll but also with a clever task to complete which is good for their mind. According to my nieces, they loved it and they would definitely recommend it to everyone.

The dolls are available from most toy stores and range from £18.50-£24.99 in price, which is great. 

*dolls were sent free for the purpose of the review. However, all words and opinions are our own.

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