New Year Changes

I have decided the children spend too long on their “devices”, so I have introduced some new rules for our household…let’s see if they work!

The rules are flexible and may change as we develop the system but at the moment our rules are: electronics are allowed from 6am until 7am school days and 8am weekends, no electronics after dinner.

Electronic time can be earned by playing quietly (with toys, reading, drawing, etc) at 1:1 minute playing. They also earn time by doing things without being asked, eg eating with knife and fork not fingers, doing their teeth, brushing hair, getting dressed etc. Time earned for these depends on the activity, normally 5 mins.
Electronic time can also be earned by helping around the house, I have created a list of age appropriate chores (6 and 9 years old):
Put dishes in dishwasher after dinner 10 minutes
Clear and wipe table 10 minutes
Clear and wipe kitchen surfaces 10 minutes
Clean bathroom 20 minutes
Hoover 10 minutes per room

Feed the pets or let them out 5 minutes

Minutes can be lost by:
Arguing/answering back
Leaving clothes/school bag on the floor
Not putting away toys/books when finished playing

Complaining they are bored will result in a 10 minute deduction, there is a list of ideas on the wall of things to do.

I already exercise once a week at pole class but my target this year is to increase to twice a week, once a week at home. I am starting by doing a 30 day challenge, I hope to start running again once the kids are back at school.
I will be starting a teacher training course in September, so one of my aims for this year is to prepare for the course.
Healthy eating!!! Our meals are pretty healthy: home cooked with fresh ingredients, but we always have pudding, so I want to cut this back to fruit or no pudding. For everyone, not just me.

His aim is to lose some weight, so my healthy eating should help with this and possibly my exercise plan (it depends if my exercise happens when he is home or not).

I want us all to be more independent. For the children this means doing things for themselves, for me this means I want to be Amy more often and Mummy less (basically this is going to come into effect massively when I start my training course).

Lots of changes happening here, what about for you guys? Any plans?

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