Keeping Your Home Energy Efficient After A Harsh Winter

Winter is a wonderful time of year; evenings spent snuggled on the sofa with hot chocolate, frosty walks on a Sunday afternoon, and of course all the Christmas celebrations and time spent with family. However, there is a price to pay for all that cold weather cosiness. All that rain and sudden cold snaps can put your home through the works a bit, ruining how energy efficient your home is. Below are three things you should have inspected, and repaired or replaced if necessary, as we start to settle into the coldest months.



Your windows are where most of the cold air from outside can come into your house, especially if your current windows have been there a while. Many advancements in the industry have made good quality windows much more efficient and cost-effective. Old double glazing panels will cloud over when the seal breaks down on them. Triple glazing is also a fantastic way of keeping all that heat in your home and keeping the sound of the outside world out, which is especially useful if you live near a busy main road. A great double glazing installer should be able to inspect your current windows and recommend a suitable replacement to match your budget.


If your windows are inefficient and let cold air in, it can create a convection current which forces all the warm air in your home up towards your roof. If your roof is not adequately insulated, you could end up with an enormous heating bill as your boiler constantly works to keep your home at a reasonable temperature. Likewise, any cracks or damage to your roof can expose your expensive insulation to the elements, decreasing the efficiency of your home and increasing the risk of a leak. It’s a good idea to get a qualified roofer to inspect your property to make sure it is sealed against the elements. You should also look to replace any old or worn insulation materials with something more effective and modern.


As outlined above, lack of proper insulation not only causes all the heat in your home to escape into the air but causes your boiler to work overtime trying to keep your property at a comfortable temperature. All this work won’t do it much good, and sooner or later it will give up entirely and need replacing or repairing. Find out if your gas utility provider offers a boiler service as part of their package, if not you may need to research a boiler insurance plan or ask for a qualified technician to do a one-off service. If your boiler is quite old, it may be time to replace it with a more efficient, modern alternative. Upgrading your boiler may seem costly in the short term, but the saving you will make over the course of its lifetime will make the initial outlay seem like an absolute bargain.

Some of these options may seem quite expensive after getting quotes, especially so soon after Christmas. However, the potential savings incurred from these investments makes them well worth the cost. Depending on the current state of your roof, windows, and boiler, an upgrade could end up paying for itself in a matter of months.

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