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Mexico, a country filled with friendly people, great food, authentic culture, and amazing landscapes. When I traveled through this breathtakingly beautiful country a few months ago I was ready for pristine beaches, great Tacos, and Mayan ruins. However, after leaving the Yucatán Peninsula and heading inland I was unsure about what I might find, that was until I stumbled upon the town of Palenque while researching one day.

Palenque is a small town located a few hours south of Merida. The town boasts hot summer temperatures and is surrounded by thick green jungle. Palenque is mostly famous for the Palenque Ruins, but for me it was something else that made we fall in love with this quaint town, one thing that no traveler can deny loving – waterfalls!

Palenque is literally surrounded by some of the most beautiful waterfalls I have ever seen. The waters that run through its rivers shine blue, green, and turquoise. The water flows over rocks that have been eroded into beautifully smooth edges creating a peaceful flow of energy and a great place to swim. Palenque’s hot temperatures make cooling down in one of the many waterfalls in the area my number one thing to do there!

The Waterfalls

Roberto Barrios

My favourite out of all the falls in the area is called Roberto Barrios. This beautiful place is the least visited in the area and also the most fun! I spent my day at Roberto Barrios leaping from the tops of waterfalls into the water below and then relaxing in natural infinity pools overlooking amazing views. However Roberto Barrios isn’t just about swimming in the waterfalls, exploring the caves is a must! I loved that feeling of disappearing behind a wall of water to find yourself looking out at the world. It was a unique experience and one which I truly loved. For only a small tip the local “guides” available onsite will take tourists to explore this place thoroughly and safely. Roberto Barrios is my favourite off the beaten track recommendation for any traveler who hates large crowds!

Misol Ha

Misol Ha is the tallest of all the waterfalls near Palenque and at 35m it really is big! Misol Ha is a single waterfall that falls into a single lower pool. This waterfall was my favourite for capturing amazing photos. As the sun hits the spray of water beautiful rainbows shine through the damp air. Slow shutter shots are also great here and with a natural rock platform in the front of the falls, getting the perfect shot is easy! Although swimming is not allowed you still might see others breaking that rule. There is no one at the falls that enforces the rule so it’s up to you to decide! I encourage the preservation of nature so I opted not to swim! There is also a small cave to explore behind the falls, just be prepared to get a little wet!

Agua Azul

The most famous and touristic of the falls is Agua Azul. Literally translating to ‘Blue Water’ this collection of breathtaking waterfalls stays true to its name. The turquoise water is magnificent and I have not seen a color like it before! The area that makes Agua Azul is massive and exploring the area is a must. Heading up stream you find smaller pools perfect for swimming and as you head down they open up into giant blue pools that make for some rather amazing photos! Being the most popular, Agua Azul is also the busiest and also most touristic. Many shops and restaurants fill the area and getting hassled to buy souvenirs is guaranteed.

For anyone who loves visiting beautiful waterfalls, Palenque is a dream come true. It is not often that you find so many great waterfalls all in one place! This is the reason I believe Palenque is not just another place to visit Mayan Ruins, it is a place filled with beautiful landscapes and a friendly small town vibe. I loved my time in Palenque and met many locals more than happy to show me around. Palenque is truly a special place and one of Mexico’s top travel destinations! For more information on exploring the waterfalls in Palenque click here!

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