What makes exceptional customer service?

They say that: the customer is always right…and that’s because they don’t complain if they are happy. What makes a happy customer? Well, it’s simply the best customer service!

How many times I have been the frustrated and angry customer to some brand or services that I have dealt with and to top it all, they then have awful customer service! That makes it worse, because they either don’t want to understand you or couldn’t be bothered.

How many times have I had to make a phone call only to be left queuing for 30 minutes and then you get passed to so many different people and you have to keep repeating yourself to each of them. There is also the language and accent barrier which can be annoying.

Anyway, it’s not all bad experience. I have few good one as well like the shop assistant from H&M store. I was on the till about to pay for my purchase when I asked her if I can redeem points as a club member. When I showed her my phone to scan, she told me that I can also use a 15 percent off discount  and since that code will only last for 15 minutes, from the time you activate it, she told me to go back to her if I’m shopping for more so that she can manually add a 15 percent discount. Since I wasn’t done with my shopping; I went in the kids section and bought some more for my boys as well she let her colleague know about me and to assist me with the discount manually.  I was so impressed. I’ve never known such a helpful shop assistant and I was touched by her kindness, as some assistants wouldn’t bother to do that especially when they are too busy. They won’t bother to tell you about things like extra discount, if you don’t know anything about it, then you will surely miss out.

One further excellent customer service I experienced was from the staff of Sainsbury store near us. I was doing a food shopping one day with my 3 year old son, who was not feeling well when he got sick and vomited on the floor. I don’t know what to do as I haven’t got any tissue with me and felt embarrassed as well. But thank god one lady staff came to me and offered me tissue paper and reassure me which made me feel better. Another member of staff offered to clean up the floor as I’m wiping it. They are very understanding and very helpful and I won’t forget that, especially to a mum like me who’s always in need of a helping hand.

So, what makes exceptional customer service? Here what other bloggers have got to say:

Beth from Twinderelmo said, “When someone goes above and beyond. I’ve had people offer to locate, order and deliver things I’ve wanted before. It really sticks in my mind that they went out of their way to help so I always recommend them.”

Kim from Raising a Ragamuffin said, “A prompt response to emails and regular updates. There’s nothing worse than emailing customer service and you have no idea whether or not the email has been received or if anyone’s looking into your query/problem.”

Fran from back with a bump said, “Going the extra mile to help. I recently bought a new razor and it was crap and the head fell off every time I used it. I contacted the company who sent me another and a pack of blades too to apologise. So many companies don’t seen fussed anymore so good some companies still do care.”

Victoria from the growing Mum said, “Goodwill gestures always make for a memorable experience. I had a credit card charge cancelled eventhough the charge was legitimate after they’d explained it to me (I rang up because I thought it wasn’t)”

Good customer service will make a customer loyal to a brand. They will keep coming back if they are happy with the service that being provided to them.

Have you had a very poor customer service experienced and need a contact number directory? CCSN is a very helpful directory for companies and businesses. It will save you time looking for the correct customer service phone number.

Contact Customer Services Numbers (CCSN) recently ran a survey of 600 respondents to gain a better insight into how you value customer service and have presented the results in a fantastic infographic, here are a few results.

25% of respondents selected lack of accessibility as their number one customer service pet peeve.

32% of respondents perceive sufficient advice to be the most important aspect of great customer service.

63% of those surveyed said being able to speak to the right person straight away would be their priority service.

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