8 Reasons I want to visit Los Gigantes, Tenerife.

The Canary Islands seem to have developed the unfortunate reputation of being known as ‘party islands’, but there are a lot of more interesting reasons to visit the Islands as well.

Los Gigantes is located on the west side of Tenerife and is a little known gem of a place to visit. Let’s start off with the traditional reasons to visit:

  1. Temperature is on average over 18oC all year round, and rises to a very comfortable 25 oC in the summer months (not so hot you can’t move)
  2. The Los Gigantes area is not known for its nightlife. You can still find some lovely relaxing bars, but there won’t be clubbing until all hours of the morning.
  3. The area isn’t well known for beautiful beaches, but does have some lovely coves and protected sandy shores to enjoy
  4. The Los Gigantes Marina is just the spot for a day out and you will find some stunning restaurants

Now I am not a “beach girl”, I get bored sat in the same place all day and, ever since I had skin cancer, I am not that interested in soaking up the rays. What I am interested in is the History and Geography of the areas I visit.

     5.  Los Gigantes’ main point of interest for me is “The Giants”, which is a looming cliff face over the sea.  The Giants reach a massive 600 metres high and are made up of varying colours and textures of rock, making it truly breath-taking to look at. The best time to enjoy the stunning spectacle of these cliffs is at sunset, the colour of the sunset over the ocean brings out the colours of the rocks, amazing.

     6.   I would also have a day trip to Mount Teide, which is an active volcano. Mt Teide is an astonishing 3718 metres high, making it the third highest volcanic structure on Earth (that’s quite a title for such a little island). There has been a lot of Earthquake activity around Mt Teide of late and I would love to visit and check it out for myself.

7. Los Gigantes Carnival; a fantastic colourful festival (normally around Ash Wednesday)

8. Water activities: As mentioned Los Gigantes has an amazing marina. From the marina you can book whale or dolphin watching trips or rent a boat or jet ski for the day and have some fun.

If you have never been and would be interested in a trip to Los Gigantes, click to book here.

Is there anywhere you would like to visit? Do get in touch, you could even do a post for our regular #placetovisit guest post series.

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