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Hair is the crowning glory of a woman and is becoming so for men as well. When I was in secondary school, I experienced a bit of balding to a small part of my hair, which I thought maybe due to excessive use of shampoo and conditioner. It didn’t bother me too much, though I was  self-conscious about it, covered that part with the rest of my hair. It grew eventually and went back to normal so it solved the problem on its own.

However, after having children, I am experiencing hair loss again but it’s not balding this time, just every time I wash my hair, there is handfuls which come out. This is worrying me and I have asked my fellow bloggers about their experience on hair loss and their hair care tips.

Here what they have got to say.

Lianne from ankle biters adventures said, My youngest is 3 and since having both my 3 and 4 year olds my hair is still falling out and the front of it grows back like tufts of hair. I take vitamins for hair but still get the loss

Veronica from My parenting Journey said, I have a hair fall problem. My hair has gotten so thin I worry of getting bald. I’ve read tons of info online and figured that it is because of stress so I just try to not worry about small things. I think my anemia also contributes to it so I remember to always take my iron supplement.

Jo from mummy’s knee said, My hair is always falling out, I came across this after my friends daughter had tried if after being ill and was finding that it had helped her hair regrowth. Beever haircare Review I’m loving it!

Victoria from healthy vix said, My hair massively cane out when I was pregnant, every time I showered huge amounts would come out. Luckily it stopped once I was no longer pregnant and started growing back. I could see the new growth so I definitely wasn’t imagining it!

Kate from confession of a new Mummy said, Mines thinning at the front due to pcos. I hate it.

Vikki from Family travel with Ellie said, When I was pregnant with my second child my hair started to fall out in quite large hand fulls! I was so shocked, but did some research and found that is reasonably common. Ensuring you follow a healthy and balanced diet helps of course and it’s advised to avoid brushing your hair while it’s wet as apparently that when its at its most vulnerable.

Erica from the incidental parent said, I’ve got Crohn’s and my hair has fallen out twice, once following a disastrous operation and once due to medication/being poorly. It hasn’t fallen out completely but enough to be noticeable and make a horrible mess and be very demoralising watching handfuls of hair falling out.

Both times I’ve cut it short. Last time I grew it back, i currently have it short but I’m on the medication potentially for another 6 months so it depends on whether it grows back.

Laura from Five little doves said, I had three babies in two years and, after my youngest, my hair was coming out in handfuls. I literally blocked all the drains in our house and it really stressed me out. It eventually slowed down but still isn’t what it used to be, I’ve started on a multivitamin specifically for healthy hair. I’m hoping it helps!

Emma from the money whisperer said, I was told by my hairdresser to eat Brazil nuts every day as they are high in silica

Nadia from scandi Mummy said, I suffered hair loss due to stress. It runs in my family and my aunt lost all hers. I try and eat healthy food and take supplements.

Helen from Casa Costello said, Mine falls out loads from June to October every year. Has done for about 8 years now. Just when I start to think its a problem, it stops again until the following year. I’ve got loads of hair though so never really notice it thinning.

Siobhan from The baby boat diaries said, I developed alopecia following the birth of my first baby 2 years ago. I gradually lost the hair on my head, my eyebrows and eyelashes.

Laura from oh so Mummy said, I lost a massive amount of hair after my son was born. I used to have thick hair now it’s so, so thin. The front of my hair looks like I’ve had a fringe but it’s just hair loss. I only wash my hair when needed now. I found I would loose more when it was washed more frequently. I also keep it up in a loose bun.

Leyla from motherhood diaries said, I had two boys, almost back to back (15 months apart) and I went from having very thick curly hair to straggly thin hair that wasn’t curling anymore. I got into the habit of washing my hair every other day and massaging the conditioner into my hair for at least 5 minutes in the shower, which I think helped. I’m back to my thick curly hair and the boys are now 5 and 7.

Lynne from new Mummy blog said, Mine was terrible after my second, falling out from two weeks post partum. I lost loads with my first, Toddler H, at around 4-5 months and after googling discovered it quite normal. Unfortunately I also lost a lot of hair in my early twenties when I was first diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. I’d been so unwell, my body had shut down what it didn’t need… I’ve had varying leeks of wispiness around my face/hairline since. I don’t really have any tips, just go brush your hair before washing it and clean your brush often so it doesn’t mount up at all. I wrote a post about it.

Jen from just average Jen said, Check that its not a side effect from medication as that may mean a quick swap ny the doctor could resolve it!

Everyone has different kind of hair loss problem and different way of treating it. Some might work for you and some might not. But If you ever experience a permanent hair loss and don’t know what else to do then you might want to try hair transplant. There is this procedure called FUE transplants. This leading-edge method of hair transplantation is highly technical and the most effective way of getting maximum value out of every donor hair.

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