Zak Storm toy and app review

Zak Storm, available from Smyths Toys is a fab toy, suitable from around age 5, it is aimed at boys in particular but my daughter enjoyed playing too.

Check out my kids review video here.

The vehicle packs are available for £14.99 and the collectible packs are £4.99. The app (Zak Storm super pirate app) can be played without either and really kept my son amused for ages. He loves the coins with their level ups and will definitely be badgering me for more of these packs.

The app was pretty easy for my son (who is 6) to understand. The video literally shows how long it took him, with a little help, to understand the controls and start playing the game. He is now quite happy to continue playing by himself.

This is definitely a new favourite game on my sons iPad, to be honest it is nice for him to have a game which isn’t trying to be educational. I sometimes find we try to make everything educational and forget to let the kids have fun, just look at CBeebies it’s full of educational programmes and hardly any just for fun. The game is fun, let the kids have some time when they can just play!
Don’t you agree?!

*toy was provided free of charge for the purpose of the review, however all words and opinions are our own.

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