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I used to spend easily £80-100 a week on my food shopping. I decided that was just far too much and it needed to be cut down.

Aldi recently opened near us and when I tried it I was amazed, it really was so much cheaper than we were paying. Unfortunately, they don’t have any branded products (except in their “special” aisle).

At first I switch everything to unbranded and tried out the cheaper version and so we discovered were just as good as the branded goods. The Aldi toilet roll is really good, their ham, cheese, yogurts etc are just as good, cling film and tin foil were top notch and their soups were better than the branded items (trust me, try the tomato soup yourself I can’t get enough of it). But there were a few products which we just had to switch back to the branded goods with: teabags, weetabix, toilet cleaners, baked beans…to name a few.

I started off by buying these branded good when I saw them on offer, or when they ran out I googled to see where they were on offer and headed their to get them. This was irritating as either they ran out before I spotted them on offer somewhere and I ended up buying them full price or I was going to a different shop for each branded item to get them on offer. Really couldn’t continue like this.

I then discovered B&M! B&M has all the normal branded items in store every time and always at the “on offer” price of other super markets. So now I shop at B&M once a month to get my branded goods and Aldi weekly for the unbranded items. I would guess that I save at least £1 on each branded item, making it well worth the trip over.

B&M don’t just sell discounted branded food and toiletries they also sell DIY items, home items, shelving and storage, kids toys, DVDs and even clothes. They kids toys were amazingly priced, some down to just £3! I have put a few aside for my children’s friends birthdays, at that price they could have 2 each lol.

The clothes were really well priced, shoes at just £5.99, that wasn’t even reduced that was full price!

Check out my video here, where I go through some of this month’s shop and compare it to the best price I found online in the regular supermarkets.

*I was given a voucher to spend in B&M, however, I do shop there anyway and all words and opinions are my own.

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  1. Aldi and B&M are brill! I save so much money shopping there. I also find B&M really good for birthday / Christmas presents. It’s amazing how much you can save from the mainstream supermarkets. #KCACOLS

  2. We go to Home Bargains every week for tinned tuna & household cleaning stuff which is way cheaper than the supermarkets!

  3. Aldi and B&M fan here too! B&M is great for branded biscuits that I can’t get at Aldi! Thank you for linking up with #KCACOLS and we do hope that you will join us again next time. Kate x

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