January sales haul

Your probably know by now that I’m a bargain hunter shopaholic because I can’t resist the sales. I have tried to avoid the sales but every time I see something it tempted me to buy them even though I don’t need them lol

Anyway, January is the best time of the year to make excuses and do loads of shopping to stock up for birthday presents and take advantage of the sales for next Christmas. I know it’s very early to start shopping for  Christmas but it could save you money in the long run.

So here few of my purchased from the January sales.


I can’t believe these shoes were £2 each so I just had to buy them lol. I also bought loads of clothes for myself and my children. I also stock up Nivea shower gel gift set for only £2 each to be used if we run out of shower gel or might be a present for birthdays etc. I always plan ahead 😉 lol


I have bought loads of stuff from H&M from as low as £3, I also found ankle boots for £5 was £34.99.

Everything5poundsI can’t resist buying all the time from this site especially when I saw this jacket coat. You can’t find a £5 coat or jacket anywhere so this is a bargain. I thought I might as well buy some party dresses for the next Christmas lol

SuperdrugI bought a few bits from Superdrug as well both online and in store. I’m so thrilled with these zoella’s beauty stuff which were £1.99.

SainsburyI bought so many clothes and toys from Sainsbury. You know when your just meant to be doing food shopping and you pop in to their clothing aisle and Christmas sale aisle that you end up buying things you don’t need. Oh well, I might not need them at the moment but maybe in the future, like toys I bought for birthdays or next Christmas. Also more clothes for my kids and got some boots was £35 down to £17.50.

I have done a January sales haul so watch the complete video below. Since doing the video haul, I have bought more stuff and that’s it I’m done shopping hopefully lol

was £20 now £12 from bodyshop

What about you? Have you been shopping from the January sales? If so, please do share your bargain with us 🙂 we would love to see them. ❤️

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