Things to do with mother in law

me and the mum in law

We have my lovely mother in law staying with us at the moment which is great. I don’t have many ideas for things to do with her, so I asked my fellow bloggers for tips on hospitality, bonding ideas or a treat that made their mum in-laws happy.

Veronica from My parenting Journey said, It is such a delight to have my mother-in-law stay with us because she’s one who wants to stay busy so she doesn’t lounge around, she helps me a lot when it comes to the kids. She is such an angel. So in return, before she goes back home I treat her to a spa session. We’d get our manis and pedis, relaxing aroma therapies and the best massage!

Vikki from Family travel with Ellie said, I think a Girls shopping trip, including afternoon tea is a great bonding experience. It gives you time to focus on her, without husbands/ children. It’s a great opportunity to talk.

Stacey from one small human said, Love it when my Mother in Law stays. She’s such a great help! She loves hitting the charity shops for a bit of bargain hunting (and is the best bargain hunter I’ve met) so a great morning for us is heading to a nearby village with several shops, scouring for a couple of hours and then having lunch! Winner 🙂

Leyla from motherhood diaries said, My mother in law came to stay over Christmas and I made sure she was involved in all the kids’ activities. The boys went trampolining while I sat with her and had a ‘coffee and chat’, we did the food shopping together and she helped me make the dinner. I think just making sure she is a valued member of the family (which she is, I’m lucky to get along with my mother-in-law) is all they want I think.

Gail from yammy mommy blog said, Tea, cake and a chat while watching TV while the menfolk occupy themselves works for us!

Shel from the willo tree said, Do a stay at home afternoon tea. Get your best plates, cups etc out make some finger sandwiches and some lovely little canapés, scones and Mini cakes. If you have a tier stand even better!

Bee from the lupie Mummy said, My mother in law lives 4 hours away, so entertainment is just letting her grandson entertain her and make her imaginary cups of tea and serve her lots of plastic cake! It makes her day! Even when she goes home, he will still make her a cup of tea via FaceTime!

So far, my mother in law and I have done a lot of selfies and I also coloured her hair for her. We went shopping as well and she’s very helpful and supportive with my blogging. She took picture of me and sometimes corrects my English grammar, since she is an English teacher back home and was a head teacher before she retired. She also help me with household chores and we bonded through domestic responsibility and life experiences stories.

We also went for a walk to see some of the local beautiful areas, which she enjoyed. Whatever you do, just make sure to enjoy the moment. Make a memory to treasure so don’t forget to snap few photos as well to keep as a remembrance of your mother in law.

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