For those days you can’t find the energy

Do you ever have days where you just don’t have the energy? Yeah me too! I introduce you to these GetBuzzing bars.

Energy bars

My biggest energy drainer is Thursday evenings, when I have pole. Class is at 6.30, I can’t eat before (spinning and flipping upside down isn’t great if you’ve eaten within the last 3 hours), but I need energy in order to exercise…catch 22!!

But I have found the answer in the shape of these GetBuzzing protein bars. They are full of energy but small enough not to upset my stomach when doing my exercise classes.

Get buzzing bar

One quick bar a half hour before class and I’m good to go, no energy drop at all!

My husband is off skiing this week and has packed a bunch of these bars: they fit in his coat pocket, they aren’t effected by the cold, they won’t give you indigestion if you exercise straight after, full of energy to keep you going.

Energy bars for exercise

You can get a sample pack for £2.99 for 6 mini “bite bars” (30g) or £2.99 for 3 full bars (62g). I love these, for a snack at work, before exercise, for a missed meal…love them!

*bars were provided free for the purpose of review, but all words and opinions are my own.

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