Top tips for a shopaholic

Have you ever watch the filmed ” confession of a shopaholic? Well that is most definitely me! You will understand the feeling of excitement when I see loads of stuff on sale, I make an excuse for doing some retail therapy and find any reason to just get shopping.

I have bought loads of stuff from January sales and after doing my ‘January sales haul’ video I realised how much of a shopaholic I was. I keep saying it’s a bargain but most of my purchase are not needed. That’s why I have asked my fellow bloggers for some help and here are some good tips for a shopaholic, like me.

Victoria from the growing Mum says, I’ve restricted myself to only a certain number of key items especially when it comes to clothing. I mean how many shades of blue jeans does a girl need? 😂 Also, I find that quality is definitely better than quantity so investing in one reliable piece is better than 5 cheap ones that won’t last

Tracey from pack the pjs says, I got carried away this January and invested in a new – wait for it – iron and ironing board … that’s it. My best tip as to how to cope with January Sales is to set a New Year’s Resolution to declutter and start to go minimalist … then you can get through the month without spending a penny, because you probably don’t really need it!

Natalie from plutonium sox says, Before making unnecessary purchases in the sales, I think about the consumerism, the waste and the poor working conditions of people making cheap clothes. If we all bought fewer items and ensured that they were ethically produced rather than cheap, we would save ourselves a fortune and support the sort of world we would like to live in.

Kim from raising a ragamuffin says, I keep a list of things i want and need. If it’s not on the list I don’t buy it, which is really hard sometimes.

Irina from wave to mummy says, Firstly, out of sight, out of mind. Don’t even go to the stores and don’t go to even check the websites of stores. Secondly, think long and hard what do you NEED, not want. And stick to that list when shopping. Thirdly, invest in fewer but better items – so spend a bit more to get something that lasts well.  I’m a shopaholic too – but getting better following these directions!

Emma from the Cheshire wife says, I always think will I wear it , do I need it , can I afford it – if the answer is no to any I’ll put it down and go back the next week. And ask myself again. Over the past 10 years we have accumulated so much stuff we’re about to burst – I can’t take anymore- we’re having a huge declutter

Victoria from Lylia Rose says, Ask yourself if you really need it. Like really need it. That way you won’t buy for the sake of it. Would you rather have 10 dresses in your wardrobe you rarely wear and no money in the bank, or 1-2 dresses you love and wear all the time and a healthy bank balance? I used to be a shopaholic and got in serious debt. Now I’m the opposite and try to be minimal with what I have and concentrate on growing savings for a happier future instead

Ayse from arepops says, Make a list of what you actually need and hunt for the bargain that allows you to get those. Always tell yourself that spending out on a discounted item you don’t need is still a loss!

Amy from all about a mummy says, Do your food shopping online. Then you won’t be tempted to pop into the clothes/homewares sections and emerge with 8 reduced jumpers and a set of half price espresso cups

Kayleigh from inspired, gratitude & manifest says, I got a bit carried away with makeup from Urban Decay and Benefit this year…not even on sale just full priced things I wanted! To compensate I’ve put lots of clothes on eBay and I’m in the process of decluttering our Home. I’ve also scheduled in 30 no spend days over the year to help me keep money in the bank a little longer!

Sophia from tattooed tea lady says, When you find something in the sale that you like, make sure to Google to see what other retailers are charging; many websites will price-match and you may even find another website has it even cheaper!

Rachel from Beauty and the bird shared her ideas on how to save money when you love shopping. Check out her blog site for many more tips 🙂

now time to clear out to make space and save money for more shopping lol 😂

….Saving money for a holiday I should say 😉😅

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